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A propos de Taloen

Taloen est la plateforme de collecte et de benchmark de la performance environnementale des bâtiments développée par l’OID pour les acteurs de l’immobilier. Elle permet de situer la performance énergétique et environnementale d’un bâtiment ou d’un parc.

L’OID n’est pas responsable des applications qui dépassent le cadre des tâches décrites dans l’objet de l’association. Aucune obligation ne peut être imputée à l’OID, notamment par des parties tierces dans le cadre de la réutilisation de ces données.
Invoice (€ TTC) Billing (€) Assigned to {{name}} ok, data updated Category Priority Send introduction Send mandate Sex Firstname Lastname Recipient Lots included within the site : Unknown level type See document of this member Consumption (kWh) Cost (c€/kWh) Cost (€/kWh) Cost Total (€) Anomaly Table Coverage Linked information See information of this member Associate documents market execution Associate documents market fourniture Adhesion and participation files Payer info Technical ref info Admin ref info Legal ref info Participation marches Member contact *: Certifications : Breeam, CASBEE, Code for Sustainable Homes, DGNB, HQE, Label BBC Renovation, kfW-Efficiency House, LEED, WELL Certification, Minergie, LNBS, Other ** : assets with no ESG score are excluded of the average Key Performance Indicators {{year}} Fund Benchmark {{year}} Sustainability Strategy and Action Plans {{year}} Fund Fact Sheet General information Tenant information See document of this site Select fund green red orange of assets the most energy efficient of assets the least energy efficient assets of average energy efficiency Benchmark your asset against its peers {{year}} Energy consumption {{year}} Kpis {{year}} Labels Contacts Asset name Time series Asset details Consumption evolution by energy type Total energy consumption per area (kWh/{{unit}}) for year {{year}} Assets list for year {{year}} Close Forms Consumptions Invoices Delete all alerts of this meter Invoice not available Evolution compared to Relaunch Send to Subject Number of anomalies This field is mandatory! {{message}} The value of {{message}} is out of range. Success! Your data has been submitted successfully In edition : Step Add an entry Delete this data entry Manual data collect Collect data via xls template Download xls template Upload your data in the template format in the box below. Upload your file (xls file) Your file has been successfully uploaded Your file cannot be uploaded due to an error : {{message}} Your file is now ready to be downloaded Histogram Consumption active energy Consumption active energy: sub meters collectable month day Edit {{energy}} budget in {{year}} The value of hypothesis can not be empty! Information general Year {{year}} Hypothesis Add an hypothesis No change in hypothesis in this year Associated buildings Buildings Upload the certification or EPC rating (pdf file) The password is incorrect. The mail adress is incorrect. Mail adress change has failed. Please retry later. An error has occured. Please retry later. You do not have sufficient rights to perform this operation Check your mailbox ! 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This email address is uncorrect. email password, login name updated ! and Filter No filter Clear filters Clear All Display filters Show errors Hide filters {{y}} assets between {{x}} and {{nextX}} {{{ count}}} assets with {{{ dpe}}} {{{ count}}} assets with {{{ dpe}}} rating Choose up to {{number}} assets Choose an asset Next You need to choose some assets to compare You need to choose an asset None None None Everything Language, unit area and currency changes has failed. Language, unit area and currency must be filled. by: (empty) Download outliers Download Wh kWh kWh kWh/m2 kWh/m2/HDD kgCO2/kWh/m2 kgCO2/kWh/m2/HDD m t % % tenant spaces days gCO2e/kWh hours kWh/year kg loc. curr. m³/year ton turns 1 active filter {{nbFilter}} active filters no active filters Drop your file (or click) File uploaded successfully Delete Collect done. Consumption data has been updated. Collect done. File {{file}} has been saved. DWH data has been updated. Collect done. File {{file}} has been saved. Data has been updated. Collect done. Data has been updated. Collect done. ESG data has been updated. ESG Score PM managed contracts Error: Collected data is not valid Error: the service is temporary unavailable Error: You must upload a file Parse file data error : {{text_info}} Error: The file does not match the template format. Error: The file content does not match the template format: {{text_info}} Error: You don't have the permission to upload the file Error: The file does not contain the following columns: {{text_info}}. Please see the template for more details. Error: The file has no sheet called: {{text_info}}. Please see the template for more details. Error: The column {{text_info}} can't have empty value. Please see the template for more details. Error: For the row of new site, please give the data in these columns: {{text_info}}. Please see the template for more details. Error: This file has not data to parse. Please see the template for more details. Error: Cannot read data from this file. Please see the template for more details. Error: Can't read this file type. Please make sure it is in an accepted format (e.g. xlsx, csv...). Consumption data on line(s) {{text_info}} in your file could not be read and saved. Please make sure to follow the template details. Or collect the data manually. Data could not be collected as some of sites listed in your file are not within your scope. Please check in particular the site codes 'AXA Real Estate Property code' : {{text_info}}. Consumption data on line(s) {{text_info}} in your file contains missing data Please make sure to follow the template details. Or collect the data manually. Consumption data on line(s) {{text_info}} in your file refer to an unknown property code. Please make sure to follow the template details. Or collect the data manually. Unattended certification : {{text_info}}. Unattended code : {{text_info}}. Duplicate entry for lines : {{text_info}}. {{text_info}} Error: The file contains unknown columns: {{text_info}}. Please see the template for more details. Error : The column {{column}} has invalid type, expected: {{type}} Error : The column {{column}} contains not recognized values : {{values}}. Should be any of : {{levels}} Error : The column {{column}} should be completed. Empty values are not valid Start date and end date on line(s) {{text_info}} in your file are wrong Display consumption Common Common area Lettable Lettable area Lettable Lettable Whole building Whole building Data Quality Yearly variation Bad benchmark Go to Explore Loading... Show more Asset Collect with form Consumption period Collect Add new site Automatically collected add Add an action plan Not an outlier Outlier Action plan Correct data {{number}} anomalies detected 1 anomaly detected The evolution of {{energy}} is over {{percent}} The evolution of {{energy}} is under {{percent}} Comment Meters tree Environmental data completeness Analysis data completeness Energy data reliability OID OID - Offices Offices Shops Logistics Date Contributor Assets Number of years Email Groups or Group Edit Cancel Cancel OK Ignore Delete user Choose a variable Reset user password This operation will delete user {{name}}, are you sure ? Edit user {{name}} access and parameters User {{name}} password has been reset. This is the temporary password : Create a new user This email is not valid Go to project home page Scope is not valid Details Add a picture Are you sure ? User has a saml account Unblock user KPI Value Coefficient Evolution Send Enter your comment... You don't have access to this page Stacked graph Reset zoom Show Invoices per meters Meter Meters Create a new meter Edit a meter Monthly consumption (invoices) Daily consumption (invoices) Consumptions Metering load curves Metering load curves: sub meters Remote monitored Last meter reading date Group by year Number of assets Number of assets KPI per lot KPI per meter No KPI for selected period Comparison with identical lots Heater number Number of units Number of meters No data for this fluid Commercial Lot type T1 T2 T3 T4 T5 min max evolution since the same period, last year Value: {{ value }} Mean: {{ mean }} Mean Mean per surface Mean temperature Sub meters Associated sub meters Submit Yes No Save Delete Export Consumption breakdown per contract Consumption breakdown per agency Normal Stacked Percent Percent of completion Center Progress The data for {{name}} have been saved The data for {{name}} have been deleted saved since the {{date}} Delete the action plan Action plan No action plan {{{done}}}/{{{total}}} action plan Name Description Perimeter Status Assignee Assigned to me Created by me Create Due date Created date Author Overdue Due next week Due next month Constant perimeter Your actions Others' actions Cancelled actions My park My park Completed mandats Number of actions Completed actions Energy savings Energy savings Energy CO₂ equivalent actions Your assigned actions Estimated savings Estimated savings since Real savings compared to last year since Actions since Actions todo Actions in progress Actions past Evolution of consumption {{now}} compared to {{last}} From From {{{date1}}} to {{{date2}}} Go to actions Electricity Electricity Gas Water District heating District cooling Cold water Hot water Thermal Thermal Temperature Heat cost allocator Waste Unit Index Company Agency Create an account I agree to the processing of my data for statistical purposes Saved! Deleted Total No data available for your selection No alert ongoing for your selection No time series are avalaible for this asset No collected data for this building Total consumption Monthly consumption Annual consumption Detail per time slot Consumption HCE Consumption HCH Consumption HPE consumption HPH Consumption Pointe (sum of sub meters) Optimisation action plan Meter's alerts No alerts Consumption evolution per site Kpis per unit Kpis per group Deviation from the average per unit Site Site count Building Building name Lot Fluid Fluids Issue Type Importance Alerts Alerts by division All alerts Go to alerts Show all alerts {{num}} alerts Stucked meter Leak Disconnection Reverse flow Low flow Magnetic fraud Threshold kWh Threshold m3 Number of open nights per week Percent of open hours in the weekend Average rate of hours above target per week Invoice Invoice number Invoice date Invoice (€ excl. VAT) Consumption (kWh) Start date End date Start End Download invoice Year Select year All Fluids All Energies Water Sum of {{{variable}}} by {{{group}}} Mean of {{{variable}}} by {{{group}}} Distribution of {{{variable}}} by {{{group}}} Evolution of {{{variable}}} Show distribution Continuous Select a building Select a building family This building has no {{{dataName}}} for this year Sort by {{{field}}} click/return to sort ascending click/return to sort descending First page Last page Next page Previous page No data available in table Showing page _PAGE_ of _PAGES_ No entries to show filtering from _MAX_ records Display _MENU_ records Please wait - loading... Currently busy Filter records: No records to display Buildings collected in {{{year}}} by {{{criteria}}} The data is too big to be displayed. Please use the zoom. Not a number No data No data to display Number of points Size Color Add a new filter to from Division Page: Group Page: Building Page: Meter Page: Alerts in last month ( from {{start}} to {{end}} ) Division Water alerts Water alerts to investigate Other primary alerts Other primary alerts to investigate Secondary alerts Secondary alerts to investigate Alerts in process Alerts processed Associated meters Historic meters Consumption Monthly Yearly Billing Consumption Filter by data completion: Planned Abandonned Done In process To investigate Validated Cancelled EPC and Heating-Cooling Systems Contract Environmental certifications Index input Existing indexes Electricity Water Gas District cooling District heating excl. VAT excl. taxes incl. VAT /occupant Shop Bills in error Sum of errors Buildings w/o bills Error kind Error amount State Action Download bills details Contract number Difference Energy Performance Total primary energy (electricity + gas) per m2 Delivery Point Synthesis Summary Upload the axa user DWH file (xls file) Aggregation Columns Items per page of Datatable Budget Budget, LE period: {{start_month}}/{{end_month}} {{year}} Tariff grid Add a grid Download grid template Download call offer data Upload a grid Upload a grid file (xls, xlsx) Simulate suppliers tarif grids Save scenario Back Edit hypotheses {{year}} Grids Hypothesis Perimeter Hypothesis Building family Building subfamily Furniture family Furniture subfamily Modele Supplier Total locals Total furniture Provisions details Estimated consumption for year {{year}} Estimated consumption Username Password Forgotten password ? Connect Budget (€ HTVA) Cost structure (€ HTVA) Budget before edit (€ HTVA) Budgetary hypothesis Detail by divisions (€ HTVA) Detail by entities (€ HTVA) Detail by buildings (€ HTVA) Detail by meters (€ HTVA) Urban Furniture Building Field code Linked Delivery Point(s) No linked Delivery Point(s) Linked Urban Furniture Linked Building No linked urban furniture No linked building Search for a dp_ref Search for {{building_type}} Search for a {{{item}}} ... Search for a building Search for a member Anomalies Management rule Available actions Iso-consumption Consumption evolution Meter closing Value for consumption hypothesis is mandatory Date for closing date hypothesis is mandatory Period Period consumption Billing evolution Buildings with errors PDLs with errors PDLs sans affectation GEMEO Mobiliers sans PDL Direct Energie PDLs affectés Address Anomalies Map Your browser is too old. You should upgrade at least to Internet Explorer version 11 or newer days Invalid coverage: duplicated bills Colors Coverage % Errors Monthly coverage of bills Bills anomalies Total coverage Sort by coverage Coverage errors Invoice id dp_ref Invoice (€ HTVA) Check bill coverage This is an anomaly This is not an anomaly You won't be able to revert this Yes, delete it! Your action plan has been deleted. Search Building list Modifications Validate delete data Your certification or epc has been deleted Latest data collection There are invoices with a negative value Contracts managed Renewable energy Number of furnitures Energetic performance Year N-1 Year N-2 Reporting Indicator OID median Received invoice Recalculated invoice Enedis invoice Acheminement Tariff optimization Show cancelled actions Max reached power Subscribed power recommendation Subscribed power Subscribed power HCH Subscribed power HCE Subscribed power HPH Subscribed power HPE Number of optimization Realised optimization Total savings Realised savings Savings in process or realised Buildings collected during by building type by area Les consommations et montants ci-dessous correspondent à la période sélectionnée Top {{{number}}} invoice per surface Top {{{number}}} consumption per surface Top {{{number}}} electricity cost Invoice per surface electricity (€ HTVA/m2) Consumption per surface total (kWh/m2) Electricity cost (€ HTVA/MWh) OID barometers Barometer Technical guide Measurement repository Notices PDLs You must select a meter Consumptions input Indexes input Invoices input Meter reading date {{ days }} days Confirm indexes reboot Previous reading date Value of index: {{ meter }} Contracts list Current Segment loc. curr. Surface scope Compare {{year}} to Cumulated Objective: {{ objective }} Objective {{ year }}: Current gap: Gap for {{ year }}: Most efficient buildings Least efficient buildings Go to building page Value Top actions Opening Time Morning Afternoon See all customers Go into further analysis Like for like : asset perimeter Like for like : managed perimeter Current perimeter : only asset Current perimeter : only managed Current year Groups Buildings Territories Countries Meters Water leaks Water leaks: {{ number }} Cost per MWh Estate Energy {{ type }} - Last data integration on: {{ date }} Attention à l'analyse de ce graphique. Les données historiques peuvent ne pas être exhaustives si les factures ne sont plus disponibles dans les espaces clients Number of lots by type Number of meters by fluids Index list from {{fromDate}} to {{toDate}}